4 Cool Details About the Secret Service You Might Not Know | #Shorts

Cool Secret Service Facts – I’m going to share some shocking secrets about the secret service. Most people don’t know about these hidden facts and I think you’ll be surprised by what you hear.

1- They’re on duty even during the president’s leisure time, which means they can be forced to pick up hobbies including running and horseback riding.

2- There are some cases when sunglasses protect eyes from projectiles and allow agents to scan a crowd undetected, but most of the time they’re just protecting their eyes from the sun.

3- The Secret Service is present at major events like the Super Bowl, even if the president isn’t. This is to work with other federal agencies to prevent terrorist attacks.

4- In November 2016, the agency seized 30 million counterfeit dollars and 50,000 euros—their largest seizure ever—in Lima, Peru

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